In Memory of Nikki Rashan

In Memory of Nikki Rashan

August 18, 1972-May 4, 2015

I was saddened to hear of author Nikki Rashan’s passing earlier this week. As a long-time reader of her four full-length novels and two anthologies, I was enamored with her talent for passionate storytelling, the kind of stories that engage and hook you within the first couple chapters. She was also a fighter, battling cancer, to which she lost her fight. Yet Nikki will always be remembered by Sistahs on the Shelf as a writer, a mother of twins, and a beautiful soul.

A year or so ago, I discovered Nikki’s blog, NB]tween Thoughts, where she discussed her life’s journey. After her passing, I began to read again, and in her last post on March 16, 2015 titled Pray or Worry, Don’t Do Both~N&B update~:-), I found this passage especially moving:

This blog isn’t written to sadden anyone, but instead I pray it’s encouraging in some way. I find refuge in blogs and books written by women who have gone through this journey. If sharing my experience can benefit someone else, I’m happy to share. My mindset right now is to absorb each day with whatever it brings. If it’s a quiet day at home, that’s fine, I have books to read, music to dance to and loved ones around me. If I’m out and about soaking up California sunshine, even better. If it’s day for treatment, all right, the treatment is only helping to rid [my] body of these busybody cells. Life goes on…I look forward to a trip home in May. I look forward to celebrating Brandy’s birthday in Hawaii this summer. I look forward to whatever is next because I trust and believe that it’s all for my good.

Nikki Rashan’s Bibliography
Double Pleasure, Double Pain (2003)
You Make Me Wanna (2005)
Cyber Case (2010)
The EXchange (2013)
Full Figured 7 (2013)
Les Tales: Tempted to Touch (2014)