All the Bold Days of My Restless Life by Sharon Stone

Publisher/Date:  Alyson Books, May 2005
Genre(s):  Romance, Out the Box Feature
Pages:  224

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

If you’ve ever wanted to get an insider’s look of a soap opera and be captivated by a lesbian romance, then look no further than ALL THE BOLD DAYS OF MY RESTLESS LIFE, the laugh-out loud novel that takes place on a daytime drama. Author Sharon Stone concocts a wild ride with main character Bailey Connors, the head writer on the soap billed with the same name as the book.

Though it seems like a dream to work on a wildly popular show, Bailey doesn’t have it easy. She not only has to cater to the stuffy suits of the network executives, but she also has to wrestle with the demands of the spoiled, egotistical actors who don’t always agree with the scripts they’ve been given. It’s enough to make a girl pull her hair out. And Bailey’s not trying to hear it right now, especially after being dumped by her longtime girlfriend.

Never fear, her trusty assistant Peter is there to save the day. Her flamboyant friend has a few prospects up his sleeve to help butch-looking Bailey to get back on the horse. But the women he sets her up with are horrible, to say the least. Let’s see there’s the actress cum online porn star; the plain-jane looking femme with six kids; and let’s not forget the…oh okay, I won’t give it all away.

And if Bailey’s life could get any worse, she is stuck with one of the dumbest writers to ever live and has to rewrite months of scripts to kill off one of her favorite characters on the show. Talk about drama!!

Stone’s All the Bold Days is hilarious, not to mention outrageous. It has a quirky sense of humor that reads sharply and very quickly. She creates a great peek into the world of daytime TV, giving tidbits into the soaps. The ending wraps up well, as you root for Bailey to land on her feet.

Pick this one up if you need a good laugh.

Reviewed June 2006