Meet the Girl in the Mirror Contest Winner!

The winner of Sistahs on the Shelf’s Girl in the Mirror Contest is:


When I look in the mirror I see a mother, daughter, sister, aunt & friend.  I see a professional woman who enjoys educating and advocating for children.  I see a woman who has loved, been loved, lost love and still believes that there is someone out there who is THAT ONE and is waiting for me.  There are times when I look in the mirror blink and look away, I see a woman who once believed she had been broken.  But, when I look back again, I see a woman who understands that life’s adversities have made her stronger and continue to build her into someone of greatness.  A role model for the young ladies following in her footsteps.  That mirror reveals a woman of depth and strength, built upon the highs, lows on the back of this thing called Life.  I’m not skinny or built to a supermodel’s size.  I have curvy hips and thick thighs.  And when I turn to the side there’s a pronounced fullness to my backside.  My eyes glisten, my hair shines. My lips beckon others with sweet, sultry smiles.  Don’t look into my eyes unless you want to be mesmerized.  Yes, I have a tremendous view of my fantastic self.  But the one image the mirror doesn’t reflect, is hidden within the walls of my chest.  My heart is bigger than any vast sea and completely open and welcoming to someone who is worthy.  This is the total picture my mirror reveals to me.

As the winner, she receives an autographed copy of Alix B. Golden’s Girl in the Mirror!

Congratulations to SapphicBeauty!

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