Feature: 10 Tips for an Awesome Valentine’s Day

10 Tips to a Sexy Valentine’s Day According to Ms. Erotica

1. Make it special for you and your lady only.  Get a nice room and make it romantic! Sprinkle rose petals around the room and bed, have slow romantic music flowing from the CD player you brought, have the wine chilled and chocolate strawberries ready. Turn the cell phones off and enjoy each other.

2. Take the kids over to Grandma’s, and cook a romantic dinner for your sexy lady. Serve her wearing your new sexy pajamas or lingerie.

3. If you’re somewhere warm (beach, park, resort, etc.), take a stroll and a picnic basket…and a vibrating toy. Uummmmm.

4. Take your lady to a club that has an open mic and read a romantic letter that you wrote about what she means to you. When you get home, it’s ON!

5. Every girl loves diamonds! Take her to dinner, and then present her with the diamonds.

6. Take your lady to Vegas! Enough said!

7. Re-discover how you became a couple! Do the things you did on your first date. Remember and do the things that made you laugh, get excited, and lust for each other.

8. Sit on a blanket naked in front of your fireplace with lots of goodies (toys, ice, chocolate syrup, whip cream, etc.), then put on blindfolds and have a ball  pouring, licking, touching, kissing, rubbing it off each other. After that, it gets even hotter in the shower.

9. You may always say YOU LOVE HER!…NOW, SHOW HER THAT YOU LOVE HER! Do something from the heart. Something that made you think!  You and your lady could write a poem about each other, then go to a picture frame shop and build your frame. After a quiet dinner, present it to each other and hang it on the wall.

10. For long distance relationships, send your lady some flowers, a big stuffed teddy bear, chocolate and a gift certificate to a spa to get a relaxing massage!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you ALL!


Ms. Erotica is the author of the erotica collection of short stories, Kiss! Kiss! Keep It Wet! and click here to read the review. Learn more about Ms. Erotica in her Meet This Sistah interview.

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