Feature: 10 Tips for an Awesome Valentine’s Day

10 Tips for an Awesome Valentine’s Day According to Stephanie Rose

Valentine’s Day, the greatest day for lovers, is finally upon us.  Here are 10 tips to intensify your connection with your lover and make yours the best, hottest and sexiest romance ever!

Kinship.  Always remember that your lover is your sister and your friend.  To keep the bond between the two of you tight, give endless amounts of love and affection to your better half.

Excitement.  Start early in the day, and let the anticipation build to a fever pitch, by sharing secret kisses, soft caresses and erotic whispers.

Exploration.  Make sure you get to know every inch of your partner’s mind, body and soul.  Leave no part of them unexplored.

Preparation.  Besides practicing safe sex where appropriate, keep the communication open and honest by making use of safe words and respecting each other’s boundaries.

Intensity.  Go all out for your lover (both in and out of the bedroom!) and hold nothing back.

Tenderness.  Be gentle with your lover’s feelings and treat them with the utmost of care.

Self-Awareness.  In order to please your lover, you must first please yourself.  Take the time to get to know your own needs and wants (and especially your hot-spots!) and don’t hesitate to share these with your lady.

Ecstasy.  Use your lips, tongue, fingers, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, honey, satin blindfolds, silken handcuffs and anything else you can think of to bring your honey to the ultimate erotic peak!

X-Rated.  There are so many toys, goodies and videos that the two of you can share!  Go online, or go to your favorite adult entertainment spot, and explore your erotic inner Goddess!

You.  You.  Yes, you.  Remember that YOU are the one that your sweetheart chose to be with, so celebrate the wonderful person that you are!  Revel in your sweetie’s love and affection, take extra-special care of yourself and share yourself with the one you love!

I wish you a sizzling-hot Valentine’s Day!

(And a bonus:  Hidden in the text is the final tip.  Enjoy!)

Stephanie Rose is the pen name of an African-American lesbian erotica writer.  Once a corporate attorney, she left the legal profession to become a full-time writer, and she’s now happier than she’s ever been before.  She loves and adores smart, sexy women, and she’s always ready to put those passions down on paper.  She encourages women to always follow their dreams and to experience all the love and joy that life has to offer.

Please visit www.StephanieRoseHeat.com for more.

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