Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Memorable Stud Characters

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This week’s topic: Top Ten Memorable Stud Characters (Top Ten Tuesday Freebie)

Studs…that enigma of a woman with masculine sensibilities. They’re handsome, strong, and still vulnerable in their emotions to share with us femmes. Studs are also the topic of today’s Top Ten Tuesday. Since this week was a Freebie topic, I decided focus on Memorable Stud Characters. Join me, will you?

  1. Denise, Cooley, Nic (of the Choices series by Skyy):  The studs in Skyy’s Choices series are women we’ve all dated, desired or dumped. That’s what makes Denise (the sensitive one), Cooley (the playa), and Nic (the supportive one) such great characters. I’ll hate for these studs’ stories to come to an end in Full Circle, out now.
  2. Symone Holmes (of I Am Your Sister series by Ericka K. F. Simpson):  An engaging stud, Symone is intelligent and strong-willed. She can also be hard-headed, as well. But she is, most of all, an honest stud.
  3. Tee (of The Space Our Love Demands by Kionne Nicole): Funny and full of life, Tee is the best friend of main character Hadiyah Matthews, but she steals the scene. She’s both book smart and street smart, and has a great head on her shoulders. She needs to have her own book now.
  4. Cleopatra Giovanni (of She Wants Her by Tasha C. Miller): Cleo’s magnetic personality draws women to her like bees to honey. There’s just something about her personality that engages both gay and straight women, but her vulnerability and power to love in spite of her past are her strongest points.
  5. bull-jean (of the bull-jean stories by Sharon Bridgforth): a rough-talkin’, blue-collar bulldagga in the 1920s, bull-jean is a willing participant in love. bull-jean falls in love faster than greased lightning, and has no problem expressing her feelings to the one she loves. She’s a walking poem.
  6. Teren Ramsey (of Nothing Short of a Rainbow by Kaution): Teren plays hard as a college basketball star. She loves just as hard. The torch she holds for a college sweetheart is endearing. She gets plenty of action in the meantime, though.
  7. London Walters (of London Reign by A. C. Britt): Kicked out of her house for being gay, London does what she gotta do to stay alive on the Boston streets. London is a real stud-thug, but you see she has heart.
  8. Chan Parker (of Dying for a Change by Sean Reynolds): Cool-as-a-fan, Chan Parker is a 33-year-old numbers runner, working her dead-end profession with all the enthusiasm of a broken toaster. When called upon to solve a murder, her boyish good looks and wicked smarts help her get the job done. Amen!
  9. Rémi Bouchard (of Hungry For It by Fiona Zedde): Remi is smooth — she manages pulls an older woman, her best friend’s mother to be exact. And she’s deep. And sexy. And romantic. And did I mention sexy?
  10. Lieutenant Perri Stone (of the Inside Out series by Juin Charnell): Charming but tough as nails, prison investigator, Perri Stone has issues in work and at home. She rises above though, and never let her inmates, colleagues, or girlfriend see her sweat.

Who is your most memorable or favorite stud character? A stud character you wish existed in the flesh?

3 thoughts to “Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Memorable Stud Characters”

  1. Denise is definitely my favorite stud character from the books I’ve read. She’s not perfect, but she’s a good person with good sense. It’s sad that that alone puts her so far above other stud characters I’ve read and heard about, though.

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