Sistahs Shop Talk – February 14, 2016 (Happy Valentine’s Day)

Sistahs Shop Talk is just random ramblings from yours truly about books, news, and views that captivate me.

One Thought…

Who Run the World:  I like Beyoncé. Who doesn’t? While I’ve never been a member of the Bey Hive, nor attended any concerts, and I’m not the first in line to buy one of her albums (digitally or in the store), I’ve gotten my life to many of her songs (especially when Get Me Bodied comes on in my car). But Formation is a whole different level of greatness. It shows that Beyoncé hasn’t forgotten where she comes from and shows #BlackGirlMagic is a real thing. From the lyrics to the visuals (a most adorable Blue Ivy, anyone), I’m proud that she is using her platform and her status to send a message. What I’m not proud of is how white folks are losing their minds. This ain’t for you, so don’t try to understand it. To that note, Saturday Night Live has accurately portrayed this dismay in the following sketch, “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black.” It’s a must watch.

What I’m Reading Right Now…

Goslyn County:  I just started Goslyn County by A. M. McKnight, and so far it’s the kind of book I like: a story set in a small black community with simmering romance, richly drawn characters and a mystery to solve. The main character Ollie Winston is a detective trying to piece together a robbery with the help of childhood best friend Pat, while nurturing a budding romance with IRS Special Agent Maureen, who also lends her assistance to the case.

Book Quote…

“They were quiet for a spell—time enough for her to run cold water over the boiled potatoes and peel two or three before adding, “It’s like she the oak tree and you the ivy—just wrapped yourself all around her.” That’s when Ivoe reached across the table and laid a hand on her arm and said, “Momma, that’s exactly what it’s like.”
—From Jam on the Vine by LaShonda Katrice Barnett

Trolling for New Books…

All release dates are tentative.

A Return to Arms – Sheree L. Greer
Bold Strokes Books
Release date: March 15, 2016

When Toya meets Folami and joins the activist collective RiseUP!, she thinks she’s found her life’s purpose. Folami’s sensuality and her passion for social justice leave Toya feeling that, at last, she’s met someone she can share all parts of her life with. But when a controversial police shooting blurs the lines between the personal and the political, Toya is forced to examine her identity, her passions, and her allegiances.

Folami, a mature and dedicated activist, challenges Toya’s commitment to the struggle while threatening to pull her back into the closet to maintain the intense connection they share. How ever, Nina, a young, free-spirited artist, invites Toya to explore the intersections between sexual and political freedom.

With the mounting tensions and social unrest threatening to tear the community apart, can Toya find a safe place to live and love while working to uplift her people?

LEZ TALK – edited by S. Andrea Allen and Lauren Cherelle
BLF Press
Release date: April 5, 2016
Pre-sale orders available March 1, 2016

A necessary and relevant addition to the Black LGBTQ literary canon, which oftentimes over looks Black lesbian writing, Lez Talk is a collection of short stories that embraces the fullness of Black lesbian experiences. The contributors operate under the assumption that “lesbian” is not a dirty word, and have written stories that amplify the diversity of Black lesbian lives.

At once provocative, emotional, adventurous, and celebratory, Lez Talk crosses a range of fictional genres, including romance, speculative, and humor. The writers explore new subjects and aspects of their experiences, and affirm their gifts as writers and lesbian women. Beginning with Claudia Moss’s “Who Cooks for You?” a lush romantic tale of self-discovery, the collection also includes work from Sheree L. Greer, Lauren Cherelle, K.A. Smith, Eternity Philops, S. Andrea Allen, and Faith Mosley.

Rise of the Rain Queen – Fiona Zedde

Bold Strokes Books
Release Date: July 1, 2016

Nyandoro was born the favorite. As the only girl of her parents’ six children, she gets everything she wants without even asking for it. When the latest thing she desires is the wife of a village elder, she faces consequences she never had to before.

These consequences come with the dawn of a passion she didn’t know existed, a carnal feast of flesh she can’t get enough of. But on the night she gains the ultimate satisfaction from the woman she’d always wanted, she also loses every good thing she ever had. This loss takes Ny from the shelter of her family and home to the unknown wilds of a new world flush with ancient power, and into the arms of an old lover who has always been by her side.

Visit This Website…

Life According to Tania: I stumbled upon Life According to Tania few months ago. Blogger Tania bills her website as “Thoughts of a [mostly] Morally Sane Black Lesbian, + a few good reads.” She reads a lot of black lesbian books, which is always great to find someone who has the same reading list I do.

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  1. Hey Sistah! I’m pleasantly surprised and overjoyed by this. Let me just take this moment to thank you! Because of you and this website I have found and read several books by many authors. When I felt there was a void in African American Lesbian fiction it was your site I first found that pointed me in a great direction. And to know that you have stumbled upon me and recommend my site for a look-see is very humbling for me. Please don’t be a stranger !

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