Fall Reading List 2016

When autumn comes, I’m ready to fall into some cozy books and warm drinks. Here’s a few of the titles I really want to read this season.

The Gilda Stories by Jewelle Gomez:  Halloween is just around the corner, so October would be a fitting month to read The Gilda Stories, a multi-layered black lesbian vampire story with a historical theme. This has been on my TBR for ages, and considering it was re-released with a 25th anniversary edition, it’s the right time to read this classic novel.

21 Questions by Mason Dixon:  About a year ago, I discovered author Mason Dixon, the pen name of mainstream lesbian novelist Yolanda Wallace. As her nom de plume, Dixon has published two books starring black lesbian characters, Charm City and Date with Destiny. Her latest, 21 Questions, deals with a woman trying to choose between Miss Right and Miss Right Now in South Beach. This will be the perfect steamy read to warm up the cooler nights ahead. Will be released November 15.

I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi:  Anyone who has a twitter account has heard of Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie. A writer, digital strategist, and techie, she’s also a true shade master. I’m looking forward to getting her humorous take on pop culture, race, and the media that she provides daily on twitter. Gotta read it soon since it’s due back to the library.

Cinder Ella by S. T. Lynn:  A story involving a transgender girl falling in love with a princess while contending with a wicked stepmother? I’m all in! It looks to be a fresh, well-needed adaption on the classic fairy tale, and I’m ready for it. Cinder Ella should make for a cozy, quick read.

Yabo by Alexis de Veaux:  Blending poetry and prose, Yabo is the book that speaks to my literary heart. From the first few pages, it had me hooked, and I can tell this one will challenge me once I dig in. Dealing with love, sexuality and gender, Yabo won the 2015 Lambda Literary Award in Best Lesbian Fiction.

The Cherokee Rose: A Novel of Gardens & Ghosts by Tiya Miles:  Nominated for a 2016 Lambda Literary Award, Cherokee Rose revolves around three young women discovering their connections to a Georgia plantation and their slaveholder pasts. I’ve seen good reviews about his historical novel, with Miles’ writing being compared to Alice Walker, Octavia Butler and Louise Erdrich.

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  1. I read I’m judging you. It was pretty funny and true to Luvvie’s style! I’ll be reading Cinder Ella on the train ride home! Thanks for the recs.

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