She Slipped and Fell by Shonda

Publisher/Date:  Authorhouse, Oct. 2008
Genre:  Romance
Pages: 263

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Love can blossom in many ways: a knowing glance between women, a friendship turned love affair, stumbling and collapsing on top of someone. All these things can lead to love – especially the latter – as witnessed by author Shonda’s SHE SLIPPED AND FELL, a romance developed between best friends Tina Jones and Kendall Long.

Meeting in the foulest circumstances in the ladies’ room, the girls become fast friends despite having contrasting personalities. Kendall is a reserved and quiet beauty, where Tina is the more outspoken charmer. Both are sexy and intelligent, with men falling all over them. Their friendship survives through high school, boyfriends and the usual teenage misadventures. However, it was during their undergrad years that Tina and Kendall come into their own and are closer than ever, even while attending separate schools and pledging different sororities.

But it happens one night that they are left to their own devices after a party and a slip – literally – leads Tina and Kendall to fall hard for one another and share a passionate encounter. Because they have boyfriends, their affair is kept secret. Soon it becomes clear, though, that Tina wants to be out and open, something Kendall can’t handle. It breaks them apart, and once they graduate, all their years together can’t stop them from losing touch.

Tina soon lands at an Atlanta university, pursuing a medical degree. She meets someone new, opening herself up to new experiences. She can finally admit being gay to her family and lives her life accordingly. In contrast, Kendall moves back home with her parents, simply working for a living. But tragedy strikes Kendall’s family, and it leads her straight back to Tina. It’s not long before she admits the love she had for Tina never left. Does Tina, however, feel the same?

Shonda’s She Slipped and Fell is the love story that can happen between two friends who didn’t see it coming. Their love is heartfelt and built on a foundation of admiration and trust – the way most relationships should be. Shonda has a good tale on her hands, even with some plot devices that seem to come out of nowhere. Slipped is a book you can breeze through and be content by the end.

Reviewed June 2009

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