Sistahs Pick Interviews

Formerly called Sistahs Pick of the Month, we interview authors with an accompanying review of her novel.

April 2016
Nikki Harmon, author of When I Was Your Girlfriend

February 2014
Cheryl Clarke, author of Living as a Lesbian

January 2014
Nik Nicholson, author of Descendants of Hagar

October 2013
Claudia Moss, author of Soft Tsunami

April 2013
Kionne Nicole, author of The Space Our Love Demands

December 2012
Sheree L. Greer, author of Once and Future Lovers

August 2012
Alix B. Golden, author of Girl in the Mirror

June 2012
La Toya Hankins, author of SBF Seeking

January 2012
Sharon Bridgforth, author of the bull-jean stories

February 2011
Sean Reynolds, author of Dying for a Change

August 2010
Tonya Hegamin, author of M+O 4EVR

November 2009
The Lesbian Goddess, author of Lesbian Funk: A Journey Into the Oblivion

June 2009
Natalie Simone, author of Girls Just Don’t Do That

February 2009
C.D. Kirven, author of What Goes Around Comes Back Around

December 2008
Fina, author of You Think You Know

October 2008
Laurinda D. Brown, author of The Highest Price for Passion

August 2008
Linda Villarosa, author of Passing for Black

June 2008
Eternity Philops, author of Visions of a Cryptic Mystery: Volume One

March 2008
Vivian M. Kelly, author of When Love Aint Enough

March 2008
N’Tyse, author of My Secrets Your Lies

February 2008
Skyy, author of Choices

December 2007
Shonia L. Brown, author of Longing, Lust, and Love: Black Lesbian Stories

August 2007
Cheril N. Clarke, author of Tainted Destiny

August-September 2006
Jacqueline Woodson, author of From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun

June 2006
Tanaine Ja’Cole Jenkins, author of A Different Kinda Luv

March-April 2006

Ericka K. F. Simpson, author of In Fear of Losing You

February 2006
Yvette Michelle Hall, author of Unconventional Love

January 2006
Nikki Rashan, author of You Make Me Wanna…

December 2005
S. Stephens, author of Am I My Sister’s Keeper?

November 2005
S. Renee Bess, author of Leave of Absence

October 2005
Toy Styles, author of Rainbow Heart: You Have No Control Over What the Heart Decides

September 2005
Fiona Zedde, author of Bliss

August 2005
S. D. Lewis, author of Changes