Sistahs Slam Poetry


Conformity IS the Norm

My hair

Frustrated with the unnecessary

Process- I press and stress

It is unimpressed with the yacky #1

And the dye I buy to match

The European yacky #1

Desiring to be free from me

And the mainstream American view

My hair sheds

Like the skin of a snake

Begging to be renewed

But I repress the natural curves

Of my roots

And press the kinky straight

Dab on some 30 second bond

Apply yacky #1

Then press my own because it has more

Volume and curves than the

European Yacky #1

My fabricated attractiveness

Must outweigh and overpower

My natural exquisite beauty

Thanks to Estee Lauder and

Yacky #1  I – Am – Normal


brooklynraineBrooklyn Raine

Televised Lies.

Democracy’s all a LIE
open ya soul and see
because  ya eyes are blinded
by the blood red sea
and currencies controlled
Your a number
A victim and you wonder
why your death is just
a number.
I hunger to find a piece of mind
cause these devils got me trapped.
Working hard on this 9 – die.
To obtain materials living in vain.
Ashame to say that I’m a consumer but,
Searching the depths of this earth today.
Hoping to find, a source of divine Truth
behold you may die on this search.
so be careful of what you unfold.
Are you ready for war
cause they are
got underground bases
shaping worlds in hidden places.
Trying to erase your memory by brainwash.
The Media is poison so stay far away.
Are you lost today?
Ask yourself if you really know
how to think outside the box.
Without the  news from CNN and Fox
Or radio and reality shows.
Try to mold you dumb.
And leave you HUNG.



Sunday Morning Lonely

I wish mine wasn’t the only
Naked body in this bed

The echo from the space next to me
Is deafening

Just last night
There were mobs of women

Tripping over their words
And each other

To talk to me, to dance with me,
To make me smile

This morning I am once again
Cold and alone

Solo ~
In a bed made for two



Even though….

She sounds so happy now
When she talks about her life
Her new wife
I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less
I keep my distance
Never stepping forward
Because in an instance
I know that this could be
Something we would probably regret
Had me on a path of regret
Of words
Of no actions
I keep my dist cvance
So there are no more distractions

She seems to have her life in order now
And I know the how
And the what
And the where
I am no where near
Just watching from the back
Trying not to take that step forward
To distract…
Cause I will unequivocally love she
From a distance that is…

She seems to have her head in the right place
Now that is…
She is depicting right from wrong
She even questions
What went wrong?
Sometimes between her and I
Sometimes I find myself in a lie
Cause I don’t want to tell her the truth
Don’t want to fall into blame
Don’t want to remember her name
As it use to
Fall from my lips



If You Allow Me

If you allow me to love you, I can and I will love you to the best of my abilities and by no means are my skills mediocre, Umph I can just imagine all the possibilities…
See now, I can and I will love you better than any love song could ever woo your ear drum, get your blood flowin’ and your sex achin’ as the beat ricochet’s back and forth between hot bodies gyratin…
I can and I will love you better than any high class hooker could ever turn a trick, and I’m not just talkin’ about some street corner hoe, I’m talkin’ about the kind that got costumes, and toys and leather whips and shit…
Better yet I can and I will love you better than the Sun gives off light because with me there will be no cloudy days and even your night’s will be bright, because I am your Sun and you are my Moon and all of my Light and everything that I have I give it to you…
I can and I will love you better than any poet could ever masturbate your mind, better than the soul of a sinner that seeks redemption just one last time…
I can and I will love you and be anything you want me to be, What? you want me to be your ghetto Queen? big booty shakin’ like a tambourine or how about your southern belle, better yet, your Georgia peach, juicy and tangy and so fragrantly sweet…
Just allow me to love you and I can and I will love you better than wings give the ability to fly because when I stroke my sex in between your thighs it will be the culmination and the conformation of the love I’ve already made to you’re heart, soul and mind…
If you allow me to love then I can and I will love you to the best of my abilities and by no means are my skills mediocre, just imagine all the possibilities if you allow ME just to love YOU…


brooklynraineBrooklyn Raine

Something New

A breath of fresh air
A smile caught my attention
Sweet aromas the reflection
of an everlasting essence.

As smooth as babies skin
Look deep within fingertips
caress my inner happiness.

Screaming songs of joy
a love song’s expression
something new my soul
speaks to you.

Your soft warm elegance
intellect intelligence
Heaven sent
corked the screw
to unwind you
Licking ever so gently


Chocolate sweet sweet.
Dark tasty candy
I can’t get enough.

Melting in the climax
mixing sweet parfumes.


Taste so good.
Taste so good.
Taste so good.

Silent heart beats.


salimamasudSalima Masud

mind clouds
(For li, i never left.)

my friend lost her words that morning.
she would not allow her family members
hands or faces to touch her.

she smiled at me,
and found a place for her head
between my shoulder and breast.
her fingers left traces of jam on my face.

li turned her back to her kin.
do you think she remembered,
that they once did the same to us?


cdkirvenC.D. Kirven

Words Unspoken

Alllow me to make love to the back side of your fantasies…
I will tantalize you by being draped in your secrets..
While you undress me with your eyes, the truth is revealed..
Words unspoken are choking the life out of our love…
Don’t speak.. I know just what you’re thinking…
I know it hurts.. We are together but you feel so alone…
You scream my name but feel the rhythm of the night’s cruelty..
You know who you wanted me to be.. But hate who I am…
I brag about how well I lay the pipe but the pipe is in no way connected to our love’s foundation..
So, I continue to drown in the lust that begins and ends with a thrust…
All you have to do is say, YES!
In that release you will find the best.. Death, this Plummer has to offer…
I dig you.. Can you feel me???
Get on board.. This ride was designed with your pleasure in mind…
I am proposing a groove theory… Accept it and I promise an explosion..
of words unspoken that continues to choke the life out of our love….
Between the sheets is the story the world wants to know…
And is the music our bodies dance to…
The drum was designed to be beat.. And with every stroke a song is heard…
Don’t stop! You’re stirring the juices of my understanding…
I’m confused in the light and reassured by the darkness…
Standing naked in our bedroom is the truth cloaked by the shadows of the stark reality… We belong together…
Your pretty brown eyes and my computer love… We are taking it one heart beat at a time…
Words unspoken… Love divine… Swallow the pieces that trail behind us…
Guiding our minds… Wrapping tightly.. Our union! One thinking, one breathing…
Never ending.. It is our “SOUL-TREE… Beginnings…. Speak the word….UNSPOKEN!

C.D. Kirven has published a novel, What Goes Around Comes Back Around, which was nominated for a 2008 Lambda Literary Foundation  Award. Visit her website at Her novel was the February 2009 Pick of the Month. Read the review and interview with Kirven.




Lying in bed, longing for you
Missing nights when the distance between us
Was only inches instead of hours
When your breathing was on my ear
Instead of in my ear
Falling asleep to the sound of your voice
Knowing I’d wake up to the sun of your smile
Questioning the existence of anything
Outside of that room, at that moment

So tangible was the allure of it all
Enticing as Elysium Fields
Mesmerizing as Oshun’s hips
Appearing perfect like retouched photos
Yet as fragile as the ashes of love letters
Wispy like low clouds on windy days

So shallow are the roots that grow love
Barely beneath the surface
Subjected to the elements
The acid rain of tears
The pounding tread of doubt
The inescapable heat of anger
The unbearable cold of pain
And the infestation of infiltrators

Love is not blind
Only blindfolded
It’s other senses intact
Working feverishly to untie the knot
Exposing it’s sight
To the spectrum of reality


tanainepicTanaine Jenkins

A Different Kinda Luv

I need “a different kinda luv.”
I need you to stimulate me mentally, physically and emotional you see I need you to mind fuck me.
Lay me on my back and mentally do me until I lyrically cum all over you with my phrases.
I need you to luv me like the end of days is near and the only thing I fear is you not by my side to luv.
When your hand and my had come together and combine it’s like we’re going half on a lyrical baby
and all day I orgasm from what you whispered in my ear from our previous conversation.
and without hesitation I would confess my luv to anything we have grown into
Our similarities make us luv the same and our differences make us luv different
and every time you pass by me my toes curl
Every time you pass by me I immediately get
mentally stable, emotionally cleansed and physically able to
luv you different.
To luv you different than I have ever luved a man or a woman
And when your hand and my hand came together
I came all over myself.
but in my defense it was in a lyrical sense;
And since then you have expanded my vocabulary above and beyond Webster’s Dictionary.
You’ve made my imagination draw pictures above and beyond Webster’s Pictionary.
You’ve made me see visions that I never thought I’d see,
therefore I am a self proclaimed visionary.
You are my un-imaginary lover, friend and concubine
And I’ll be damned!
I’ll be damned!
I’ll be damned if I don’t luv you different.

This poem is from Tanaine Jenkins’s debut novel of the same name, which was featured on Sistahs on the Shelf in June 2006.


brooklynraineBrooklyn Raine


Black thick lips
hips open never
hidden and closed
like a book.

Confined by being young
black dark fat ugly broken

Evil names societies given
but now are BE LIE EVED.
Trees are to blossom.

Weeds dye alone.
Entangled searching
for a place to belong
To call home.

In a web of dreams
broken abused and dead.

Is this who I see?

Another weed stepped on dwindling
in the masses.

Classified and judge by all
but seen by none.

Where do I belong?




Like fields of wild orchids in bloom,
My heart is overwhelmed by your beauty.
Your eyes, they captivate my soul
Dancing, like trees blowing in the wind.

Soft and tender, your lips hypnotize me
And I become weak with each spoken word.

Like billows of clouds inviting me to rest,
Your breasts offer me a haven of peace
Somewhere soft to lay my head.

Your scent is like a fresh ocean breeze
Drifting lazily through the air.
My nostrils open to take in all of you,
Burning into my memory so I shall never forget

Like lightening crashing wildly
Through the night sky, electrifying everything
In its path, so your touch does me.
My hair stands on end. I can’t take your touch,
But don’t stop running your fingers across my hands,
My lap, my body. I am on fire, burning internally
And loving every minute of it.

Like a Georgia peach that’s first bitten,
Juices flow and drip revealing its freshness.
So shall you flow and drip and not wanting
To miss any of your freshness, I hungrily drink
You in. Wanting to taste all of you,
Wanting the essence of you running down my chin.


Chasity Moore

Mango el jugo de

I grasp the flesh of your ass
like i would an overly ripe mango
i handle it delicately @ first
anticipating the taste of the golden yellow
the exterior is firm
protectiong the juiciest part
of the heart of it all
i squeeze again, wanting more
craving more
necesito mas
necesito el jugo a mi boca
mi lingua
greedily, i eat all of you
letting the juice run down my chin
and i mindlessly catch it with
already sticky fingers
(to taste it again)
soaked with the sweetness of
the flesh
I lavish it’s center with
rough swirls of my tongue
and light nibbles of my teeth
making sure not to miss any part
of the fruit
moaning with pleasure,
i finish it all,
and nibbling,
and sucking,
until all that is left is the center of you
the soul of you
exposed at last
all that is left is
your soul


salimamasudSalima Masud


i don’t need you

to tell me how strong i am.

i don’t need you

to praise my strength.

i don’t need you

to tell me i am beautiful.

i don’t need you for my glory.

it is God given.

i don’t need you to tell me how sweet I am.

you have never tasted my juices.

i don’t need you to tell me the size of my heart.

you have never seen it.

i don’t need you to tell me my truths.

i need you to not tell me your lies.

i don’t need you to tell me of my sweet smell.

you can only smell your own scent.

i don’t need your caress.

i can touch myself.

i don’t need you, to love.

i can love whomever I want.

i don’t need you to love me.

your love is not valued.

i don’t need to enter your house.

i have never felt welcomed.

i don’t need your religion.

i have always had the spirit.

what i need is peace.


eternityphilopsEternity Philops


Boppin’ down a summer street
comes a Brotha

A Burnin’ Brotha

with thick
sugar cane dreads
streaming from his scalp

They brush the coconut biceps
bulging from his palm tree arms

He’s painted with Hershey skin
topped with almond roasted eyes
and toffee crumb freckles

And gleaming in the sun
a smooth
mahogany chest
to protect his heart’s treasures

His glance tells me

I’d be granted a key
if only I’d ask

Instead I smile

He smiles back
and the intensity of
his presence
dives into my soul
leaving ripples
across the lake of my being

They gently bounce off
the shores of my mind
they disperse
and his presence drains
like cold bath water
leaving melted chocolate puddles
with coconut shreds
in my footsteps as
I stroll by

Around the corner
is a Sistah

A Sizzlin’ Sistah

A silked wool curtain
of cinnamon sugar
is draped around her shoulders
and diamonds are mined
on each of her lobes

Soft water melons
with hard honey suckles
peek through her
woven grapevine blouse

Her Classic Coke bottled body
would do well to
quench my hot thirst

Licorice lips
drip sweet nectar in my ears
as she speaks

“Hi there”

The words are thunder
and her eyes blink lightning

My lake is overwhelmed by
the waterfall of her essence
and floods into
a violent ocean

My earth quakes
and tsunamis crash against the shores
until the beach boundaries are swallowed
and the force of the currents
insist on an outlet

A geyser erupts
from under my tongue
and my lips part to release the
hurricane of energy
swelling within


She smiles

I smile back

Sistah walks on
and I am left to wade
in a raging river
that used to be
dry panties

Copyright © by Eternity Philops.
All Rights Reserved.


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    You look absolutely beautiful and your poem was quite delightful,even received late. I’m still your Moon…. Smile

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