Every Dark Desire by Fiona Zedde

Publisher/Date:  Kensington, July 2007
Genre(s):  Erotica, Supernatural
Pages:  327
Website:  http://www.fionazedde.com

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Vampires run wild in Fiona Zedde’s third novel, EVERY DARK DESIRE, which chronicles the death of Naomi McElroy and her rebirth as vampire Belle.

Naomi’s life in Jamaica was mostly uneventful, until the night her desire for women takes her to a place she’s never been before — and leaves her lifeless. She then mutates into Belle and becomes one of them…

Belle is now a blood-sucking, cold-blooded vampire, recruited by a clan of men and women just like her. The ringleader, a sexy beast named Silvija, makes sure Belle learns the ropes of hunting for blood, fighting enemies and satiating her sexual cravings. It’s far from easy, what with Belle missing her daughter, Kylie, and the life she left behind. Taking orders from a taskmaster like Silvija isn’t helping matters.

And it especially doesn’t help that Belle’s falling for her.

Their encounters are extremely wickedly hot, but Belle can’t seem to get a good read on whether their affair means more to the unattainable Silvija. To a group of vampires who lack human characteristics, it’s hard to tell whether Silvija’s carnal desires are real, or just a part of the hunt and chase.

Zedde’s Desire is evident in every page. You see the growing yearnings Belle has for Silvija. The author’s trademark sex scenes leave nothing to the imagination, as you can visualize thrust and lick. However, I wish this same attention to detail was given to the plot. In reading I felt like the sex came every chapter, and the ending of the novel felt rushed. With that being said, Zedde is an excellent writer I would read again, as her previous works — Bliss and A Taste of Sin — were enjoyable.

Desire kept my pulse racing, but left me wanting more — whether that’s a good thing is up to you.

Reviewed December 2007

A Taste of Sin by Fiona Zedde

Publisher/Date:  Kensington Publishing Corporation, July 2006
Genre:  Romance
Pages:  280
Website:  http://www.fionazedde.com

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Indulge yourself in A TASTE OF SIN, author Fiona Zedde’s appropriately-titled second novel, a veritable smorgasbord of sexual pleasures with protagonist Desiree Nichols as your guide through the culinary delights of women.

Since declaring herself a lesbian at 14, Dez has had them all—women of varying shades and hues, proportions and personalities. Her acquired wealth has afforded her a life of leisure, and because of it she’s treated herself to a fair share of sexual encounters throughout her college years. Everything changes, though, when Dez falls for Ruben, a man she finds absolutely irresistible, and deserts everything to follow him. Two years later, she finds herself abandoned by Ruben and facing a family emergency that calls her back home to Miami.

When she arrives in the sunny city, Dez finally confronts the people she left in her wake years ago—Claudia, a worried mother and Derrick, her twin brother—who were left to pick up the pieces she shattered with her coming out and hedonistic behavior. Though Dez’s old friends, once devastated when she took off with a man, welcome her back with open arms and help her seek other pleasures to take her mind off things.

Like her mother’s cancer scare.

And the fact that she and her brother have never really gotten along.

Both smart and attractive, Dez and Derrick could never see each other as more than rivals, especially when it came to the ladies. He doesn’t care for her self-indulgent lifestyle, and when he introduces her to his friend Victoria, he quickly declares her off limits to Dez.

That proves difficult because Dez finds Victoria so tantalizing with her gorgeous face and shapely figure. She’s never met a woman she couldn’t have, and Victoria proves to be no exception. And despite her hesitations about Dez’s love-em-and-leave-em persona, Victoria initiates a no-strings attached affair, making the sex all the more exhilarating.

It’s all fun and games for both women—romantic getaways by day and hot sex by night—until Dez finds herself caring more than she ever thought she would. This is all new for the heartbreaker who’s never found herself in anything more serious than one-night affairs. Victoria’s fallen hard as well, but doesn’t want Dez to destroy her heart.

As the title implies, A Taste of Sin is chock full of the delicious sex scenes one would expect from Ms. Zedde. After all, she gave us the debut novel Bliss, a tour de force in black lesbian literature. Sin is not as captivating as her first, but it is a page turner nonetheless. Dez, as the bad boy you always wanted in your bed, is a character that grows on you, a woman whom Zedde swiftly paints into a stud with heart finally taking a chance on love.

And don’t we femmes wish we had that?

Reviewed Aug-Sept 2006

Bliss by Fiona Zedde (Sept. 2005 Pick of the Month)

Publisher/Date:  Kensington Publishing Corporation, Aug. 2005
Genre:  Romance
Pages: 297
Website:  http://www.fionazedde.com

Rating: ★★★★★ 

The tagline on Fiona Zedde’s debut novel, BLISS, reads, “Every woman wants it.” If “it” is based on the steamy scenes found within these pages, then Zedde ain’t never lied.

Zedde’s book is a tasty, colorful journey to a woman’s sexual satisfaction. Bliss Sinclair, an uptight accountant, lives her life by the numbers. She has the boyfriend, the good-paying job, and a spacious apartment–the things some define as success. But no one knows that her relationship with Yuen isn’t as great as it seems. And no one knows how she lays awake a night, suffering from bouts of insomnia. What’s missing in her life is passion: passion about her boyfriend, her job, her life.

That is until she meets Regina, an author who chronicles her sexual experiences through her books. They share a flirtation that leads to Sinclair dumping her boyfriend. Regina teaches Sinclair the pleasure of woman, and opens her up to a buffet of sexual indulgences Sinclair never thought she’d savor. Then as quickly as she came, Regina dumps Sinclair, telling her that a month is her limit with flings. Sinclair is heartbroken, believing that she had found the woman of her dreams, someone who had taken her to sexual heights she’d never climbed before.

To get away from the disaster she calls her love life, Sinclair takes her father up on an invitation to Jamaica. Days later, Sinclair returns home to the roots she abandoned after her mother was killed on the island. After her death, her grandmother took her to the States, and she never looked back. Now she’s reintroduced to her homeland–and her father’s new wife, a stepbrother, and a half-sister she never knew she had.

Lydia is the daughter her father illegitimately conceived, and the girlfriend of the woman Sinclair finds fascinating. Sinclair would never dream of taking her sister’s lover, but Hunter is tantalizing with her perfect ebony skin, sleek body, sensuous lips, and long dreadlocks. Sinclair and Hunter become friends through Lydia, and share a connection.

Everything changes, though, when Lydia and Hunter decide to mutually separate. Soon Sinclair and Hunter slowly act on their growing attraction. It isn’t long before their lust blossoms into deep affection. Despite her joy in finding Hunter, Sinclair is still scared–to fall in love and to leave love behind. She’ll be returning to America soon, without Hunter. Or does she?

Bliss is a novel you’ll want to read in one sitting. Zedde’s writing is intensely stimulating, as she brilliantly captures the spirit of the island. And the sex scenes were detailed so vividly, you could envision every touch or stroke. You will root for Sinclair and Hunter, as you can tell they truly belong together.

Zedde leaves nothing to the imagination, but with each page, makes you wish for that “it.”

Reviewed September 2005