Lesbian Funk: A Journey Into the Oblivion by The Lesbian Goddess (Nov. 2009 Pick of the Month)

Publisher/Date:  Women of Choice, Apr. 2009
Genre: Erotica
Pages:  149
Website:  http://www.womenofchoice.com 

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The road to pleasure is paved with great sex, and The Lesbian Goddess is your chauffeur with her newest novel, LESBIAN FUNK:  A JOURNEY INTO THE OBLIVION.

The third installment of the Orchids series is narrated by Kaili as she discovers what makes her tick through a roller-coaster orgasmic journey. In each episode, her hidden fantasies become real, those desires she never thought would surface. Her first adventure involves a woman, and Kaili is bewildered by what this means. Coming from a failed, sexless marriage to being seduced by a woman – her therapist, nonetheless – leaves her gloriously spent but confused.

Following this, Kaili changes venue and relocates to Arizona. She thought leaving everything behind would suppress her lesbian tendencies, yet moving only magnifies her problems; she ends up in more relations with women, each exploit more captivating and hotter than the last. Kaili can’t believe what has become of herself; it’s as if she’s someone else.

And it’s somewhat true. Throughout her romps, Kaili is led by an unknown female voice taunting her psyche, there from the initial affair with her therapist. Who is this mysterious spirit directing inner-most desires, telling her how and where to get off? That’s what Kaili wants to know, and her search guides her to a sexual height she’s never known.

The Lesbian Goddess is known for her poetic raunchiness, an erotic wordsmith who’s not afraid to go there. Just like her previous collections, Lesbian Funk is no different. It paints a vivid picture of a woman enjoying the pleasures of the female form, and celebrates it through prose and poetry, the latter introducing each chapter. While the metaphysical aspect of the book may throw some readers, it’s unlike anything you’ve read before.

After all, everyone has a sexual alter ego. Sasha Fierce, anyone?

Reviewed November 2009

Orchids II Reality or Fantasy by The Lesbian Goddess

Publisher/Date:  Women of Choice LLC, May 2007
Genre:  Erotica
Pages:  56
Website:  http://www.womenofchoice.com

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Can you tell the difference between fantasy and reality?

The Lesbian Goddess straddles the distinction between these realms in ORCHIDS II REALITY OR FANTASY, a short but sweet collection of bonafide bedroom bliss. This second in a series is the sequel to Orchids: African American Lesbian Erotica One Night Stands, and this time it’s every woman’s desires on display.  Ranging from poetic lovemaking to kinky sex shop romps, seven unique stories make up this compilation and every one is well worth the read.

It begins with “Sensual Exploration,” a picturesque, sensory escapade between two very sensual women. Their lovemaking is described in such graphic language that one can visualize the romantic rendezvous with the unnamed women. Then in “Making My Rounds,” a nighttime security guard finds her job to be much more stimulating when she sees a sexy co-worker in a compromising position — with herself. While her job requires her to take action, the voyeur in her can’t resist wanting to join in the festivities.

Everyone has got a certain “Weakness,” and a sexually uninhibited woman Mil meets at a party is hers. The two hit it off, but Weakness wants the sex with no strings attached; the issue is can Mil handle that. And there’s always that special someone you can’t seem to shake, even when it’s over. That’s what an anonymous woman faces when she begins feenin’ for her former lover in “My Ex.” Can she break the hold her ex has over her?

Naughty walks this way in “Get Yo Freak On,” as a stud tries to find just the right sexual items to turn her girl on and gets a very hands-on lesson from the adult store worker. Trust, she leaves there with more than just a bag of goodies. Then a femme turns the tables in “Shangri-La,” taming three seemingly aggressive women with her feminine wiles. It’s all a part of her game and she loves the thrill it gives her to doiminate a stud.

Finally, Natalie takes a first-class plane ride and falls for Vanessa, her flight attendant. Lucky for her, the stewardess pays extra special attention to the stud passenger, and they finally hookup when the other customers have been taken care of. Then Natalie gets more service than she ever expected.

The Lesbian Goddess creates this world of sensual adventures that gets you every time. This was a more enjoyable outing than the previous one, as it seemed the author turned up the heat on this second pleasure trip. Even with only a few pages per story, I was very aroused — and relished it. The tawdry tales are hot and you will enjoy every one of them.

I know my girlfriend did.

Reviewed March 2008