What Becomes of the Brokenhearted: A Memoir by E. Lynn Harris (Oh Brotha! Feature)

Publisher/Date:  Doubleday, July 2003
Genre(s):  Autobiography, Oh Brotha! Feature
Pages:  288
Website:  http://www.elynnharris.com

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Bestselling author E. Lynn Harris speaks to the weary in WHAT BECOMES OF THE BROKENHEARTED, a story tailored to the heart.

Harris’ memoir recounts both horrid and triumphant moments in his life, through the eyes of a man who never grew comfortable in his own skin. He was always looking for acceptance through others, instead of himself.

Harris grew up a poor, Little Rock, Ark. boy, dreaming of one day becoming a success. Although he did become a well-known author, his journey was paved with pain. His father physically and emotionally abused him because he wasn’t like other boys. Lynn, as he was known, was a tad more effeminate and caught hell for it almost daily. It was only when his mother divorced her abusive husband that Lynn got any peace in the house.

Searching for the love he never received from his father, Lynn began looking for approval through being the class clown. When that got him nowhere, he then used his intelligence for good and became an upright student. However Lynn was still confused about his sexuality. He knew loving men was wrong and set about acting straight despite his true feelings.

After a successful college experience where he met “men like him,” he landed a great job at IBM but couldn’t find success in love. In the course of 15 years, he moved to five different cities, each time after some love of his life broke his heart. And each time he sank deeper into depression, so deep that at times he wanted to take his own life.

The two things that saved him was his faith in God and his writing. Harris new he was here for a reason, and that purpose was to write. His first novel, Invisible Life, saved him from himself.

Brokenhearted is a motivating book not only for black gays and lesbians, but for everyone who never felt worthy. Reading it gives you the armor to fight your battles and to keep your head and your heart up.

Reviewed January 2006