Meet This Sistah

Meet This Sistah is your chance to discover more about the authors of newly published books.

Meet This Sistah: Renee Cronin, author of Tastes Like Cherry

Meet This Sistah:  Ninamaste MaTuri, author of The Gerber series (The Preludes, Clear Sense, and The Sweetness)

Meet This Sistah:  Harmonie Reigns, author of Dying to Live

Meet This Sistah:  April Joy Bowden, author of The Other Side of Joy

Meet This Sistah:  Kai Mann, author of 30 Day Notice

Meet This Sistah:  Anne Shade, author of Deepest Desire

Meet This Sistah:  Dahni McPhail, author of Two and a Possible

Meet This Sistah:  Kaution, author of Nothing Short of a Rainbow

Meet This Sistah:  Kesha Pride, author of Taking A Chance At Love

Meet This Sistah:  Ms. Erotica, author Kiss! Kiss! Keep it Wet!