Finding Us by T. Jurrette

Publisher/Date:, July 2011
Genre: Romance
Pages:  140

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

It was more than a year ago when I pronounced there were no marriages in the novels I read. I’ve finally found one, thanks to T. Jurrette’s FINDING US, a great lesbian novel about marriage and its ups and downs.

Dana Reynolds and Te’anna Marks (better known as Tea) get to know each other through a mutual friend, and after taking it slow, find themselves deeply in love, beginning a life together. Tea, finally leaves her comfortable job as a retail buyer to launch her pastry shop, and Dana is satisfied with her work as a legal assistant with the District Attorney’s office.

Despite having ghost of relationships past hanging over them – Tea being friends with an ex, while her social-climbing girlfriend Camille makes unwelcome appearances – they press on. With a near perfect love, their next logical step is marriage.

Happily ever after seems in arm’s reach, especially when soon after the wedding the couple works to get Tea pregnant. Dana has never been happier, having the love she wants and adopting Tea’s family since being estranged from her own.

When Dana is formed to work closely with the bougie Camille, she neglects to tell Tea how bad things are the office in order to protect her wife. Thinking she can handle Camille’s harassment, the hole Dana’s in gets harder to climb out of.

And Dana doesn’t want to lose Tea – the one thing in the world she calls home.

Jurette’s Finding Us is a noteworthy portrayal of married lesbians. Though Tea and Dana’s love appears easy, the decisions they face are far from it. It depicts what sacrifice matrimony really is. Finding Us simply shows love isn’t faultless, but is still worth it.

Note to T. Jurrette: I’m waiting for my sequel. I want to know what happens with one of my favorite couples.

Reviewed June 2012

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