Complete by S.D. Lewis

Publisher/Date:  AuthorHouse, Oct. 2006
Genre:  Romance
Pages:  136

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

An aptly titled story, COMPLETE thoroughly fulfills the promise fashioned from author S. D. Lewis’ two previous novels, Changes and Moving Forward in Reverse.

Here, Lewis crafts a simple love story. It begins with Angela, an unhappily married woman in a dysfunctional relationship. Only married a year, her manipulative husband cheats, lies and disrespects her. She tires of being in a loveless relationship, and decides to do something about it.

The other voice of Complete is Moe, the womanizing stud from Lewis’ earlier books. She’s moved from Atlanta to Jacksonville and has returned to her player roots after Jasmine, the only woman to ever claim Moe’s heart, betrayed her. It’s ho after ho for Moe, until a vacation back the ATL allows her to run into Angela.

Angela and Moe have a lusty past, one that ended when Moe gave her heart Jasmine. After seeing each other, the two reconnect, but is Moe willing to take a second chance on love?

Lewis’ Complete does conclude quite nicely. It’s good to see Moe become a more mature person, especially after all the dirt she did in Changes and Moving Forward. The novel also includes previous characters Jasmine, Lelani and L.D. in different but supporting roles. In this story, Moe takes center stage. Although the story does wrap up quick in less than 150 pages, it’s satisfying nonetheless.

Simply put, the trilogy is Complete.

Reviewed August 2007

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