Choices by Skyy (Feb. 2008 Pick of the Month)

Publisher/Date:  Kings Crossing Publishing, Aug. 2007
Genre(s):  Romance, College Life
Pages:  255

Rating: ★★★★★ 

It truly is a “different world” from where you come from – nothing is more evident than in author Skyy’s debut novel, CHOICES, a spellbinding story of four friends at a HBCU navigating lesbian life.

Hearts are broken, friendships are tested, and lessons are learned by the richly-drawn characters who come to life from the very first chapter. More like family, Denise, Cooley and Carmen are out lesbians on campus and best friends aiding each other through love and life; adding Lena, the sexy new roommate of Denise, only enhances their friendships.

Lena is the new girl on campus. Her heart belongs to Brandon, the star of the men’s basketball team. That, combined with her wealthy background, makes her the most envied girl on campus, especially since she’s set to be the wife of a future NBA superstar. Despite that, Lena finds something intriguing about the tomboy she shares a room with – and her curiosity about Denise begins to get the better of her.

Denise is the unattainable stud athlete, with mad skills on and off the court. Her heart has been closed since her last failed relationship – until she walks into her dorm room the first day of school and discovers Lena unpacking. While noticing her curvaceous form, Denise soon realizes Lena is a remarkable woman with a good heart, and can’t help but fall hard for the beauty. It’s a move she’s not sure she wants to make.

Completely opposite of Denise is Cooley, the smooth player of the bunch, the stud who’s managed to have any woman – gay or straight – that she sets her sights on. Christened as “Killa Cap” for her sexual prowess, Cooley has played more games with females than Milton Bradley. One woman, however, doesn’t seem to take no for an answer and makes her life a living hell, possibly ruining Cooley’s one chance at a real relationship.

Tired of the “big girl” blues, Carmen takes hold of her life and drops enough dress sizes to be a dime. Carmen figures losing the weight will help her ex see her in a new light, but she still can’t shed the self-esteem issues that plague her. Will Carmen finally find someone to accept her for whom she is, and even better, learn to love herself?

Skyy’s Choices amounts to a story with heart. The author has taken the black college experience and made it her own – lesbian style. Classes, parties, sororities…all of it creates a fresh story that hasn’t been done this well in black lesbian novels. Bravo, Skyy!

Now where’s the sequel – cause you can’t leave me hangin’.

Reviewed February 2008

17 thoughts to “Choices by Skyy (Feb. 2008 Pick of the Month)”

  1. Skyy….I “ABSOLUTELY LOVED” this book!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL TO CHOICES. The characters were so well developed and believeable. I loved that the back-drop was an HBCU, albeit fictional. It was a brilliant first effort. Please hurry and release the sequel. You have made me a lifetime fan!!! Continued success!!!


  2. Man that is a really hot book! The part about Denise’s mema dying hit a real spot in ma heart and made me cry. I love this book!!! I’m waitin on Consequences to come out so I can know what happens to the girlz.

  3. Thank you all who supported Choices. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Consequences will be dropping in November. Check my myspace page for more info.

  4. I love Choices. I have spoken with Skyy via email and instant messenger, and she is really down to earth. Which explain why I enjoyed the book. And all of the characters were almost real life. It was so good. I can not wait for Consequences to come out. Ms. Skyy has made us wait long enough…lol… There were a few parts in the book where I wanted to cry Denise’s Mema passing was one. Great Read…keep up the good work.

  5. Loved this book!! I felt like I was able to really get to know the characters and so could further understand their reactions in situations. The idea of an HBCU having so many lesbians on the campus was a little unbelievable to me because I am an alumni of one, but that totally did not take away from the book at all. Can’t wait to get Consequences to see what happens next.

  6. Mannnnn WONDERFUL BOOK…now you know i can’t wait for Consequences, i already pre-ordered it! I’m a recent college black basketball STUD, now enrolled in Grad School! I relate to you and Ericka Simpson like no other!!! Please keep up the wonderful work. Your sequel will probably be my favorite 23 Bday gift this month!!! =)

  7. OMG you all are so right. Choices was AMAZING. I don’t think I have ever read a book that captured lesbian life like that. DENISE…Where can I find her??? Carmen, I want to slap her.. I had so many emotions reading this book.

    My question is the same as everyone else. WHERE THE HECK IS CONSEQUENCES?????

  8. I ordered this book off of Amazon after reading the reviews people left on there. I expected it to be good but I have never read a lesbian book this good in my life.
    I can’t wait for Consequences. But what I really would love to see is a movie or a series cause I would love to see Cooley come to life.

  9. Can someone tell me if it’s true that Consequences will be out on Feb 1st? I looked on the websites and it just says coming soon.

  10. After reading both books i was totally amazed by how well both stories were put together. There wasnt a boring part anywhere…but im confused did carmen meet denise and at college or before and when was it??

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