Meet This Sistah: Kai Mann

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Meet Kai Mann, the sistah who has created a great novel about finding yourself after a relationship falls apart.

Name: Kai Mann

Books Written: 30 Day Notice

Where you live: Detroit, MI

Age: 43

Straight, Lesbian or Bisexual: Lesbian

Stud, Femme or No Labels: No Labels

Your Hobbies: I don’t really have hobbies per se, but I love watching TV, writing, reading poetry, fiction, books about spirituality, and self-help books.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less: introspective, determined, purposeful, passionate, and spiritual.

Your philosophy on life: (Hopefully, not sounding like Oprah, but…) “Life is a class.”

Website address(es):,, and

Facebook page:


Your debut novel, 30 Day Notice is an uplifting novel that speaks to the self-growth of a black lesbian. What does 30 Day Notice refer to?
30 Day Notice references the least allotted time to move on from a situation; whether it is physical or emotional.

30daynoticeSistahs on the Shelf has to know: is 30 Day Notice based on your life?
30 Day Notice is based on some life struggles that I myself have experienced with a different spin on things as well as some experiences from others that I’ve encountered throughout life.

Do you believe Kori and Layla had a toxic relationship?
Yes. Their relationship was toxic because it originated from a need to fill voids in each of their lives that they themselves were unsure of how to fill.

What’s the best way to get over a broken heart?
The best way to get over a broken heart is to first allow yourself time to heal. As part of the healing process you must be honest with yourself. The goal is to not focus on the negatives about the other person but to search yourself to see what you could’ve done differently and to ultimately see the notices that could have aided you while in the relationship so that you do not repeat the same behavior in the next relationship. The idea of allowing yourself time is to take you from a broken state to a state of being whole.

Lesbians isolated from their children, whether self-imposed or not through their own decision, is a common occurrence. What can women do in these types of situations?
It is always tough for a mother to be away from her children even when she feels it’s for the best. The one thing that these women can do is stay in constant contact with their children if the situation allows for it. There must be communication in order to have understanding and to remain emotionally connected. There should also be a certain level of honesty about the situation so that the children do not feel like their mother is not there because they did something wrong.

Your publishing company, Scriblical Vibez Publishing LLC, has a mission to contribute inspiring content that not only promotes self-growth, but also content that inspires a vibrational change through written word. Why is that so important?
Scriblical Vibez was created out of a need to publish thought provoking content that would inspire others to think on a different level. I feel that statement is important because the spiritual side of me has an obligation to ensure that whatever we put out into the universe evokes positive change starting with self. Scriblical Vibez is responsible for placing positive written content into the atmosphere that will make people take a look inside of themselves and act upon what they have read thus creating a vibration that will move from person to person.

Tell us about your poetry site, Kaiology Wet Your Intellectual Taste Buds.
K.W.Y.I.T was my introduction to the world. The origin of the site was to express my feelings from what I was learning about myself and others and putting it into a poetry format. This site began because a childhood friend liked the statuses that I would post on Facebook and suggested that I start to blog. Since I’ve always written poems I decided to start a poetry blog.

So what are you working on next?
I’vestarted working on the second book in the Eviction Chronicle series titled Abandoned Property, while also working on a book of poems called In My Mother’s House.

What inspires you to write?
Life inspires me to write. The ups and downs, the good and the bad; but most of all, the life learned lessons.

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Interviewed June 2012

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