Meet This Sistah: April Joy Bowden

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Meet April Joy Bowden, the sistah who’s written a beautiful poetry book, The Other Side of Joy, as well HIGH-On Love & Addiction, a joint project about a couple dealing with substance abuse.

Name: April Joy Bowden

Books Written: HIGH-On Love & Addiction and The Other Side of Joy

Where You Live: Greensboro, NC

Age: 39

Straight, Lesbian or Bisexual: Bisexual

Stud, Femme or No Labels: Femme

Your Hobbies: running, visiting new places, crafting, cooking, event planning

Describe yourself in 5 words  less: multifaceted, giving, laid back, adventurous

Your philosophy on life: You’re not guaranteed second chances.  Do what’s best the first time.

Website address:

Facebook page: Author April Joy Bowden

Twitter: @author_apriljoy

What are your likes/dislikes: I appreciate the simple things in life; walks in the park, the changing of leaves, seeing people happy, ice cream and cake.  Dislikes – tardiness

apriljoybooksHIGH–On Love & Addiction is a first-hand account of two women dealing with the devastating effect of a partner’s drug abuse on their relationship. What was it like writing the book?
This book started out as a journal.  In the beginning it was just a safe place to hold our thoughts.  It wasn’t until the journal entries slowed down and I was rereading them that the thought of making it a book came about.

How cathartic was it for both of you to write High?
I felt so many emotions as I typed every word. It was extremely cleansing for me.  It also gave us the opportunity to spend some time together and share, express unspoken feelings and give birth to something positive that had once caused us so much pain.

After your experiences, what advice would you give to a woman if she finds herself in a relationship with a partner who is addict?
An addict will only get help if/when they are ready.  Do what’s best for you, even if that means walking away.

You’ve also written a beautiful poetry book titled The Other Side of Joy that you’ve likened to giving birth. Is this book everything you imagined it to be?
As a child, I imagined that I would publish a book of poetry.  Doing so has been a dream come true. I’m not sure how I really came up with the birthing concept since I’ve never had that experience. But, I felt like I had planned for “her,” took care of what grew inside me and put “her” out there for everyone to “meet.”

I see you host an authors’ event, “Books at the Bakery” in Greensboro, NC. Tell us about this project.
“Books at the Bakery” allows multiple authors of various genres to participate in a multi-author signing.  As many brick and mortar stores are closing and more people are writing books that aren’t found on the shelf, this was an opportunity to feature authors in a fun atmosphere.

Any new books in the works?
I’d like to publish five books in different genres.  I have a fiction that I’ve been working on for a very long time that I’d like to finish one day.  I’m also considering a motivational fitness book that takes readers on my journey to walk/run 1000 miles and complete my first half marathon.  I blog about it on my website under “Pen & Pavement.”

What inspires you to write?
One word – life.  No one can tell MY story better.

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Interviewed December 2012

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