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 Anna J.

In our feature, Catching Up With…, Sistahs on the Shelf is pleased to to bring you updates on your favorite authors, ones who have new books or projects in the works.

Get cozy with Anna J., whose new novel, My Little Secret, portrays the hush-hush affair between a married woman and an a successful author that gets a little out of hand. Anna’s novels have been a favorite of Sistahs so read further to get to know Anna J. and the propensity she has to write girl-on-girl action.

What is your new novel, My Little Secret, all about?
My Little Secret is about the ups and downs of an affair between Jaydah B, a best-selling novelist, and Midori Hunter, a pediatrician who can’t seem to choose between being with her husband or being with the woman she thinks she loves.

Who is the character you love most from all your books, from My Woman His Wife to your latest, My Little Secret?
Monica has always been my favorite character. She’s so versatile, and can act a fool in any given situation.

When is your next title due to hit shelves?
I’m set to drop a novel during the fall of every year, so my next title, Snow White, will be out in September of 2009.

Where do you find your inspiration to concoct such dramatic tales?
My life is drama! (LOL) I’m always out and about talking to people so I take a lot of the situations told to me by friends and things of done/seen along the way and make up stories about them.

Why do most of your stories contain girl-on-girl action? Anything you want to share with Sistahs? 🙂
Well, for the record, I’m a heterosexual. Tons of people don’t believe me because of the nature of my books, but it’s the whole truth. 🙂 Girl-on-girl is so easy to write for me because although a lot of women will never admit it, a lot of us “straight” females want to experience what it’s like to be with a female. My books are just my imaginative thoughts on how a sexual encounter with someone like Monica would be like.

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10 thoughts to “Catching Up With…Anna J.”

  1. I read Snow White and that book was AMAZING. It pulls you in until the very last page and then completley leaves you on the edge of your seat. Say it isnt so and tell me Journey and Khalid live to go on and be happy ever after or at least to fight another day. please make a sequel to this book please.

    1. I myself just read SNOW WHITE: A SURVIVOR STORY & absolutely LOVED IT! The writing was incredible & it really did keep you guessing & on the edge waiting to see what happens. Just when you think you have it figured out, wrong, guess again. There were many characters to follow, yet the way they tied into each other’s lives was something else. Please, please, please, tell me there will be a sequel. PLEASE!!! I feel like I knew K & J personally, & couldn’t bare the thought of it ending the way it did. Amazing & talented writing!
      September 23, 2014

  2. And your sure your not gay? lol, just for the record dang Anna your book My Little Secret was beyond juciy, it made you keep reading i couldn’t put it down.I havent found that many lesbian novels but this one is H.O.T!


  3. i have been reading urban fiction for a couple of years cause it was introduced to me by a co-worker and i got hooked. anna j. is new to me and i just finish reading two of her books and im loving her writting. the girl on girl was not for me or at least i thought so but im hooked, and now im looking for the aftermath. great books and keep them coming and much success to you !

  4. Soo… when is the sequel to Snow white: A Survival Story coming out? I am a fiend for a good book, and I just have to know what happens.

  5. When is there going to be a part 2 for my little secret? also a part 2 for Snow White? I love both stories I just need a conclusion because Im stuck! Please give me dates! I am dying lol

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