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IN THE LESBIAN GODDESS’S OWN WORDS…Kimberly “Q” aka The Lesbian Goddess is a “born this way lesbian.” I am an award winning actress, playwright, author and a woman full of adventure. I believe in taking risks when it comes to expressing myself and haven’t made a mistake to-date. I love words and visuals; creating and portraying characters and most of all, creating stories. On a side note…the higher the heel on a shoe, the more adept I am to buy it! LOL

How long have you been writing and how did you get started?
I started writing poetry in grade school and started writing episodes for television (which unfortunately haven’t been used) in college. My first produced play was, “The Q Stands for Queer” in 2000 (believe it or not), and then I was commissioned to write “Ja’i Deux Amours…A Journey With Josephine Baker” in 2001, which I won my second AUDELCO award for. My first published book, Orchids African American Lesbian Erotica One Night Stands came about in 2005 and I haven’t stopped.

Give a brief description of your third novel, Lesbian Funk: A Journey Into the Oblivion.
Lesbian Funk: A Journey Into the Oblivion is one woman’s journey towards self realization. The book deals with a number of issues from sexuality to sensuousness; insecurity to independence; death to immortality. All encompassing the culmination of truth through exploration.

Lesbian Funk is an eclectic piece that combines erotica, poetry and visuals. Where did the vision for this novel originate?
It’s funny, my visions happen as I write. It is important to me to captivate and entice the reader so I believe in giving more than just a story. I believe some people love seeing more than just words on a page, and a break in the continuum is welcome. My partner is a poet and used to belong to a group that was very active lyrically, so that seemed like the perfect break in episodes for the “Oblivion.” The backgrounds are naturally of Orchids (which is our trademark) blurred…there in “Oblivion.” The cover was the biggest challenge because I changed my mind four times before coming up with the giant Orchid pulling Kaili into the swirling grasp of Oblivion and then closing around her (as shown on the back cover. Or to see it fully, look at the last pages of the book.)

Describe the main character, Kaili.
Kaili is a woman who, like many women, doesn’t know her path. She is searching for clarity and reassurance. On the same note, she is hungry and eager to release her inner self, but because she doesn’t know who she is, she allows others show her the way.

Is Kaili anything like you? Have you been in her shoes?
In some ways yes, Kaili is like me. I am a part of everyone I write about…I just don’t say which part!

Sistahs on the Shelf wants to know: What is lesbian funk?
As I describe it on my website and in the book, “Lesbian Funk” only happens to a few. Those who are unaware of the heights of sexual and sensual powers that await them are the ones who fall victim to its power. The authenticity and magnitude of the intensity of The Funk, is based on the untapped core of a woman’s attitudinized nature. She’s open, vulnerable and waiting to be unleashed. The Funk will take you farther than your dreams can ever venture!

Kaili’s relationships with women took her through a sensual journey that allowed her to discover herself. What can women do to find their own sexual power?
Explore and learn yourself first. Don’t fear the unknown. Even if you don’t choose to reach that level more than once, at least you can say you were there.

As you tour with your novels, what kind of responses have you received from women?
Well…my first book warranted quite a few “offers” for one night stands. LOL. My second book took women deeper into their fantasies so they tend to want to talk more candidly to me about their experiences. Now, Lesbian Funk has erupted a multitude of reactions from women (and men) too, like, “Damn, I can totally relate to Kaili…she is so me” to “It can’t end…it just can’t!”

Lesbian Funk is the third and the last in the Orchids series. Are there plans for any more erotica works?
I am working on the new book right now. I haven’t decided if it will be a series, but it will definitely be a novel.

What have you learned by writing the series?
I learned that women, whether lesbian, straight or bisexual desire more in their lives but fear expressing themselves. Erotica is a seduction…it is painting a visually inviting picture that pulls you (the reader) in and places you in one or all of the positions. Women tend to appreciate reading about experiences that they may or may not experience. I love talking to women after they’ve read the books. It’s enlightening.

Where does your inspiration to write erotica come from?
My own sexual prowess. Also, I found that I wasn’t seeing the visual from many “erotica” writers and decided to start writing my own.

Do you have to be in a certain “mood” to write?
Not at all. I can write erotica in my sleep. It just comes naturally.

Tell us about your company, Women of Choice.
The name “Women of Choice” signifies the choices of life that we as women dare to explore. Our mission is to go beyond the realm of women’s comfort zones and normalcy by providing you with exotic adventures, unexplained pleasures, new and exciting ideas and inexplicable desires. WoC is comprised of women who appreciate the Art of Loving and challenge the Brave at Heart by surrounding ourselves with multi-talented women and men who are involved with more than just the average and crave to be distinctive.

What’s your new project, The Erotica Monologues, about?
The Erotica Monologues are seven episodes pulled from, Orchids African American Lesbian Erotica One Night Stands and Orchids II Reality or Fantasy. The monologues are performed via reading and partial reenactments by four actors. The show seduces audiences with the assistance of, a seductress (hostess) and enchantresses that introduce each episode. The performances are sensual and seductive with a hint of visual intimacy.
A performance that is sure to tempt, arouse and titillate the boldest of exhibitionist and the shyest of voyeurs.

You’re very accomplished as an author, actress, singer and playwright.  What is a typical day like for you?
I don’t think typical exists in my life. I am constantly going and doing (even on vacation). I’m writing and working on what the next project in my head is. The only typical thing in my life is waking up, having water and coffee and hitting it.

What do you do for fun?
Travel, shop and spend time with my honey!

What are your favorite books?
Personally I love autobiographies and biographies. My favorite book, LOL, is Eartha Kitt’s Confessions of a Sex Kitten. I just love knowing my history.

Favorite authors?
Interesting question. I started as a child loving Langston Hughes and Edgar Allen Poe (what a contrast). I loved Hughes because he was Harlem personified for me, and Poe, because he was obscure and different.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Still doing what I love…whatever that may be!

What motivates you to write?
It’s just my passion. I’ve been writing since I was a child, beginning with poetry. LOL…I still have poems that I wrote when I was 12.

What piece of advice can you share with aspiring writers?
Don’t be afraid. Your story may be the catalyst that helps and or brings out fears that others have. In addition, writing aids you in releasing the inner self that you may be afraid to verbalize.

Why do you feel it’s important for black lesbians to tell their own stories, as you did with Lesbian Funk: A Journey Into the Oblivion?
It’s important because it can be therapy for some and helpful to others. Telling your stories establishes and validates your feelings and thoughts.  Even if you never publish, just knowing that you’ve expressed yourself on paper, that at some point and time you can look back on it and see your growth, is worth the journey.

Interviewed November 2009

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