A Sistahs Favorite Things: Christiana Harrell

These are a few of Christiana Harrell‘s favorite things…

Favorite Quote
“We learn our
biggest lessons from our greatest mistakes.” (I wish I knew who said it.)

Favorite Book of All Time
This has got to be a trick question (lol) Ummm, Torn by Keisha Irving. Nothing like a good Urban novel with drama, raunchy sex, and cuss words to get you through a bad break-up.

Favorite Way to Write
In complete silence.

Favorite Music to Listen to While…Ya Know?
I can make a never-ending list LOL. I love music and I will sit and make a playlist ranging from Floetry to Trey Songz, just for the occasion.

Favorite Character You’ve Written So Far
Cream, definitely Cream. A lot of thought and emotion had to go into her. I had to get back into my right mind as a writer after writing her. I love her as if she exists because I empathize with her.

Favorite Time of Day
After five and before midnight. All my good ideas come in those times.

Favorite Characteristics You Like in a Partner
I always tend to go for funny and aggressive. Those have been the two things that are consistent in the people I’ve dated. I’m a rather serious person and I need that comic relief in my life. As far as why I go for aggressive women, I can’t fathom why. I’m aggressive myself. Maybe I just enjoy the struggle.

Favorite Drink
Coke. I seriously need rehab for that drink. Seriously. Now, if we’re speaking about alcohol, I don’t drink. I like to say I will, but I never really do.

Favorite Trip You’ve Been On
When I visited Maryland for a week. It was a beautiful place and I was with a beautiful person.

Favorite Emotion
Depression. I know, I know. But, in my defense, I write better when I’m down and out. The words just flow. I don’t make myself depressed on purpose so no worries.

Favorite Season
I love autumn. It’s the perfect weather for anything that you want to do and there is a peace around you that can’t be explained.

Favorite Dessert
Yellow cake with chocolate icing and chocolate chip ice cream. I could eat that every day.

Favorite Way to Fall in Love
I just let it happen. I like to be courted old school and then just wake up one day and realize that it’s happening or has happened… I’m in love.

Favorite Show
Do So You Think You Can Dance count? I love that show. I watch it faithfully. I even vote and go to the live shows when they do tours close to my city.

Favorite Romantic Meal
My inner fatty is about to show. I love to cook and my partner and I enjoy steaks, so whatever we want with a steak is romantic for us.

Favorite Pick Up Line
LOL! Uh, Girl, I know you’re feet are tired because you’ve been running though my mind all day.

Favorite Way to Wake Up
I hate waking up. Just let me sleep until my body says I’ve had enough.

Favorite Role Model
My wife. She probably doesn’t know it, but I didn’t have a role model until I met her. She’s amazing and I want to be like her when I grow up.

Favorite Hobby
I’m not sure if I can count Netflix as a hobby, but I love to do it. Since I spend most of my time writing or working, I love to just binge on Netflix and catch up on the shows I missed growing up because my face was always in a book. If that doesn’t count, then I love decorating.

Favorite Toy as a Child
Barbie of course. I had everything for Barbie.

Favorite Toy Now
I’m not sure I can say. Let’s just say it has five speeds and can be used alone or with a partner. LOL

Favorite Moment as a Writer
April 10, 2010. It was the first time I was recognized in public by a fan. I couldn’t stop smiling. I think I was more excited than my reader.

Favorite Romantic Spot
I love the park. All I need is the perfect tree.

Favorite Way to Say I Love You
I love you is good enough. The “I” just has to be there at all times.

Favorite Way to Say Goodbye
I don’t say goodbye. I say everything but goodbye. I’ll end a conversation with “okay” before saying goodbye.

Interviewed June 2014

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