Meet This Sistah: Ms. Erotica

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Meet Ms. Erotica, the sistah who writes steamy stories for the ladies, as in her erotica collection Kiss! Kiss! Keep it Wet!

Name: Anita Brown

Debut Novel: Kiss! Kiss! Keep it Wet!

Living in: Muncie, Indiana

Age: 47

Straight, Lesbian or Bisexual: Lesbian

Stud, Femme or No Labels: Aggressive Femme

Hobbies: Music, writing, reading, playing pool, adult toy parties

Describe yourself in 5 words or less: fun, caring, real, spontaneous

Your philosophy on life: Live life to the fullest, and be happy!

Email Address:

MySpace page:

Likes & Dislikes: I love  God/I dislike liars.

Political Affiliation: Obama Supporter

As an erotica writer, what is sexy to you?
Making the readers feel like they are right there watching the characters, getting Hot & Wet! Also, the sounds of a woman’s moans is Very Sexy to me.

What’s the best sexual advice you could give a woman?

kisskissWhat inspires you to write such tantalizing tales?
When I come across a Sexy Woman in everyday life, I visualize the possibilities. It could be the way her hips rolled as she slowly walked by, or it could be her sexy eyes and smile when I compliment her hair, and maybe the way she licked her luscious lips after eating something Juicy.

What made you begin to write erotica?
A lesbian, bi-sexual, curious on-line group in Indiana that I’m a member of, where we can post questions, stories, and poetry, loved my stories  and encouraged me to write more & more.

What are you working on next?
My next book, and making my readers WET!

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Interviewed June 2009

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  1. Ahhhh Ms. Erotica its a pleasure to read your stories on your myspace page…the more I read the more I was getting wet..You kept me wanting to read more and more…can’t wait to hear more from you….

    Kiss Kiss keep it wet!

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