Suite 69: Black Lesbian Erotica Volume II by Billie Simone

Publisher/Date:  AppleTree Publishing, Oct. 2007
Genre:  Poetry
Pages:  61

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Laden with swagger and bravado, SUITE 69: BLACK LESBIAN EROTICA VOLUME II by Billie Simone wastes no time in telling you what she wants.

That is a turn-on, as are her poems that reveal emotions from a masculine lesbian standpoint. In Simone’s own words, “They come from my mind, my heart, my pussy, and my soul.”

Some of the poems deal with heartbreak, as evidenced with “suite memories,” where a player laments a lost love, while “u say” sees her confronting a trifling lover. And “after da love has gone” echoes the sounds of missing the one you love.

Femmes, if you want a stud talking sweet in your ear, read poems like “mama, may i”, and “I wanna f**k you so bad.” Just try to resist the words of “talk 2 me”, if you dare:

I want your
to say the
words I need to hear
say them
and mean them…
say them
with your eyes
open wide
staring deeply
into mine

A writer as well as a skilled photographer, Simone is smooth as silk with the come-ons in Suite 69. The poems come from a brash but heartfelt place, feeling as if you’ve entered a stud’s mind.

Reviewed January 2012

3 the Hard Way: Trilogy of Girls Around the Way by Deardria Adri Enne Nesbitt

Publisher/Date:  Gate Way Publishing, 1997
Genre: Romance
Pages:  148

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Plot: 3 intersecting stories about New York women are the name of the game in 3 THE HARD WAY: TRILOGY OF GIRLS AROUND THE WAY by Deardria Nesbitt. The first finds music executive CheyAnta fighting for her dwindling relationship and against the advances of a seductress who won’t take no for an answer, and the two women are a distraction from her thriving business. In the second tale, Islande meets up with an old college flame, and residual sparks surprise her. 3 the Hard Way‘s final story comes full circle as CheyAnta finally gets her life in order – in business and in love.

The Good: The tales are lustful and drama-filled…in a good way. The characters are well-drawn, and as the book progresses, details begin to coincide to make a well-rounded novel.

The Not-So-Good: The writing could have been a bit tighter.

The Bottom Line: 3 the Hard Way in 3 words is easy, breezy, and enthralling. Check out her other two novels, Drama and Back in the Day, which continue the series.

Reviewed January 2012