Letting Go…Almost A Trilogy of Alternative Short Stories by Monica Cooper

Publisher/Date KumaSon Consultant, June 2011
Genre(s):  Romance, Short Story
Pages:  392
Website:  http://www.kumason.com

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

What’s the use of LETTING GO…ALMOST?

To discover a love yet experienced based on the touching book by Monica Cooper.

Her tome features 3 novellas centered on couples who could find love if only they succumbed to its power. Pasts may hinder you, imaginary barriers can be overcome, and the right one could be right in your face, but you have to be able to let go and let love.

The first tale surrounds Dylan, an abused woman stranded by her Lexus in a small town while trying to escape. She’s taken in by Ms. Mae, a caring elder with a granddaughter, Tori, who can fix Dylan’s car in her shop. Dylan and Tori don’t hit it off, to say the least, but through Ms. Mae, they learn each other’s pasts aren’t that different. Things get more complicated when Tori and Dylan find out they share a common link.

Vampires and mortals are to oil and water, yet in Cooper’s second story, they yield pleasurable bedmates – if only Martel could let go of standing traditions that forbid the creatures from mingling with humans. Martel knows Sanai is literally worth fighting for, but dark forces could see to it that the two never see the light of day.

The last tale in Letting Go involves Asilia, in a relationship with a man when she meets Kai. The attraction is undeniable and mutual, but it leaves both ladies confused: for Asilia, whether it’s worth leaving her boyfriend; for Kai, how long can she wait for something that isn’t hers and isn’t promised. As it happens often in life, fate makes the decision for them.

In short, Cooper’s words in Letting Go…Almost flow like honey, delightfully poignant, sentiments felt.

Reviewed June 2012