At Midnight by Terry B.

Publisher/Date:  nHouse Publishing, L.L.C., Aug. 2007
Genre:  Romance
Pages:  272

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

No one could convince me that men could write a lesbian novel with depth, but author Terry B. made me a believer with Dancer’s Paradise. That book told the story of dancer Debrena Allen as she came to terms with her sexuality.

AT MIDNIGHT picks up where Paradise left off, only this time the narration is through the eyes of Choice Fowler, the man Debrena abandoned to follow her heart. While she finally gives way to falling in love with best friend Lorrie Cunningham, Choice is still enamored of Debrena, seemingly unable to shake the hold she has over his soul. He knows if he sees her again, he’ll lose it.

In the meantime, Choice needs a makeup artist for a big assignment, and Lorries is the best in the business. While it doesn’t sit well with him to face the woman who stole his dream girl, it does grant Choice the chance to have some connection to Debrena. When the former flames finally do come face to face, Debrena designs a way to get him more involved in her life than he bargained for.

Debrena and Lorrie have what seems like a solid relationship. But as happy as she seems with Lorrie, Debrena wants more. When she runs into Choice, she sees him as an opportunity to test Lorrie’s love for her — a move that involves all three of them. The question is now, who will Debrena give her heart to?

Terry B. has a page-turning story, one that you can breeze through easily. At Midnight makes a great transition from Paradise, and provides a thorough background of Choice Fowler and the heartaches he’s suffered. The characters were real and engaging; they make you realize how selfish and insecure some people can be when it comes to love.

Reviewed December 2007

Dancer’s Paradise by Terry B.

Publisher/Date:  NHouse Publishing LLC, May 2004
Genre(s):  Romance, Identity
Pages:  320

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

What’s interesting about DANCER’S PARADISE is that author Terry B. fashioned the story from the lives of several real-life women.

A dancer at the Dominique St. Claire Dance Studio, Debrena Allison Allen joined the Sisters of Soul (SOS) troupe with long-time ally Lorrie Cunningham. Debrena and Lorie have been best friends since both were 10 years old, meeting at an audition held at a local recreation center. Through the years they’ve shared the love of dance and a hidden attraction. Despite Lorrie’s protests that nothing will change between them, Debrena doesn’t want to tinker with their friendship.

Debrena is a confessed bisexual (although she doesn’t care for labels) with an occasional hankering for punanny, but says she prefers men. Lorrie, who’s always been sure of her love for women, thinks Debrena is fooling herself. She tries to convince Debrena to be herself and trust the people that love her to know the truth. But it’s hard for naive Debrena to confess what’s truly in her heart, even to herself.

To prove it she becomes involved a relationship with photographer Choice Fowler. He introduces himself and they soon find themselves in a passionate relationship. She enjoys the sex, but it’s not really where her heart is. Her love is really for Lorrie though her stubbornness blinds her to it.

As an author, Terry B. wrote a captivating novel with Dancer’s Paradise. He taps into the mind of woman with such a genuine voice, and Debrena is a character that shows great emotional growth by the novel’s end.

Reviewed August 2005