Dangerous Pleasures by Fiona Zedde

Publisher/Date:  Kensington, Feb 2011
Genre(s):  Romance, Erotica
Website:  http://www.fionazedde.com

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Fiona’s taken a slightly different path this time with newest novel, DANGEROUS PLEASURES.

This route to love embarks with Renee, a recent divorcée searching for something completely different from the unfulfilling relationship with her controlling husband. His determination to change Renee compels her to want strictly physical relationships – the more anonymous, the better. If only she could convince her parents of that, who want to see her settled with the boy man next door, drab-ass Grant. Yet, her secretive one-night stands are all she needs – until there’s just one she can’t get enough of.

Mayson, Renee’s best friend and owner of a yoga salon, isn’t searching too hard for love either. Her bedroom is never lonely, plus she receives the affection she needs from her close friendship with Renee. Friends since they were schoolgirls, it’s the longest love Mayson’s had. Now that newest conquest, Kendra, is after Mayson, will that change the dynamic she and Renee have had for years?

Dangerous Pleasures has plenty of insatiable bliss. Renee and Mayson’s closeness is the pièce de résistance of Zedde’s tale, comfortable and demonstrative, whereas the conclusion is explosive. At times, though, the steamy exploits, which seem to appear almost every couple of chapters, were a smidgen too repetitive.

That aside, Zedde still delivers what women want.

Reviewed February 2011

2 thoughts to “Dangerous Pleasures by Fiona Zedde”

  1. I cant believe this book only received 4 out of 5 stars! I love Fiona, she is my favorite Lesbian AA author, all of her books I have read and own and I guess to fully appreciate this one you would have to have read the preceding stories of the characters. I thought it was interesting how she tied all the stories of the other books and this one together, I personally couldn’t out it down! I like a story where I couldn’t get enough of one book and the author gave me more in another book, pick up this book and any other from this author and you wont put it down!

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